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Looting items too sensitive 3 Natbuk 10 days
Are you dropping to the login screen? It might be YsBuffSystem! 5 ZaneDubya 27 days
Another crash, another fix. 1 ZaneDubya Nov '21
The "Unique Items" Forum Post is Broken 2 ZaneDubya Nov '21
Teleport to Labyrinth Thieves on L7 not working 6 mrprmiller Nov '21
Thieves Guild Door is wide open. Same with Dwarf Kingdom. 2 ZaneDubya Nov '21
Thieves Key square in Thieves Den causes persistent looting state 2 ZaneDubya Sep '21
Missing map cell 2 ZaneDubya Sep '21
Intractable Bow not usable by Rangers? 2 TuggerMcge Sep '21
Cannot equip items in Guild Hall "Equipment and Inventory" page 2 Svensson Sep '21

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