MedievaLands is a remake of The Shadow of Yserbius: an old school multiplayer dungeon crawler with grid-based movement, turn-based combat, and many puzzles and quests to solve in an expansive dungeon that goes deep into the earth and into the timeless beyond. Monsters have awoken in the dungeon of Yserbius and now plague the island of Twinion. Will you rise to the challenge?

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Friday Fix: Combat Mechanics

By ZaneDubya on Feb 14, 2020

Two opponents square off in the dungeons of Yserbius. Whether this is a new adventurer taking on a wolf in the Mines, a grizzled veteran engaging the fiends in the Wind Knights Tomb, or two heroes duelling in the Dungeon Entrance, the same formulas determine what happens in each combat round.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. At the outset, it's important to note that combat in Yserbius is divided into rounds. Each round, every combatant that is not paralyzed or petrified will choose an action. Actions can be physical attacks, or the use of a spell, skill, or item. Players generally get to choose what action to take, unless Controlled, in which case they will choose a random ally to attack with a physical attack. Monsters will either make a physical attack or cast a spell. And then...

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You are an adventurer tasked with delving into Yserbius.

Exchange clues and gather a party in the Tavern.

Defeat Monsters and grow in power.

Explore, quest, and solve the mystery of Yserbius!


Download and Play

MedievaLands is free to play! Download the client for Windows and MacOS here:

If you are running an old version of Windows and see a popup about a missing .NET Framework installation, please download and install .NET Framework 4.6.2 from Microsoft.

IMPORTANT! This is not an official release, just a closed-source hobby project. I do not have the permission of the rights holders or owners of The Shadow of Yserbius or Fates of Twinion.

About the Developer

Hi, this is Zane! I'm the developer of MedievaLands. If you see me in the game (my handle is ZaneDubya), please say hi!

I'm a huge fan of the original games, which were created by Ybarra Productions for The Sierra Network, which was later renamed The ImaginNation Network. I was one of the many people who played Yserbius and Twinion and fell in love with the welcoming community and a dungeon that seemed to go on forever. MedievaLands, which went live on March 29, 2019, is my remake of these favorite games from my childhood.

My hope is that MedievaLands will be a fun adventure for new players and a welcome respite for returning players. As it turns out, you can always come home - but sometimes that means you need to rebuild that home from scratch.

A few notes about the application:

This program copies itself to your Documents directory under /Games/CommunityKit. It does this so it can update itself in a known location. Each time the program runs, it checks for updates and automatically patches itself.

The MedievaLands game engine is written in C#, with the server running on .NET Core 2.0, and the client running on the FNA Framework on Windows and Mac. The total server/client codebase is approximately 126,500 lines of code.

I developed MedievaLands over the course of eight months in 2018-2019, and first released the remake of Shadow of Yserbius on March 29, 2019. I started work on Fates of Twinion in October of 2019. Closed testing for Twinion began on January 24, 2020. Including time spent writing framework code not specific to CommunityKit and time spent deciphering the Yserbius data formats and game mechanics, I estimate that I have spent 3,000 hours on the MedievaLands project.

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