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Special characters issue

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I'm experiencing problems while typing some special characters. For instance, I noticed that various symbols are replaced with some kind of emojis like those are supposed to be shift plus 2, plus 5, etc. This makes me impossible to put my email or asking anything on the chat since I can't type a question mark...

Now, my PC and Keyboard are in spanish, which is surely where the problem comes from, however, changing my Keyboard layout in Windows doesn't seem to resolve the issue.


Ah, I think there are two separate things going on here.

First, this game uses the font mapping from the original game, c. 1991. Some of the shift-characters are replaced by ancient emoji. This is intended - but as you pointed out, it also keeps you from entering the 'at' symbol! I'll have to see if I can come up with a work around for this issue.

Second, this game doesn't have keyboard mappings for any languages other than EN-US. This is an oversight of mine - but the oversight exists in part because I don't know how to add other character mappings; it is not something I've ever thought about doing, and frankly I am unsure if the input code I wrote could handle something like this!

That said, I will promise to investigate the second issue. I can't promise a resolution, but I will promise my time.

Thanks for the report - sincerely appreciated!

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