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thieves key disappeared

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I entered the dungeon from the top, wanted to get to lab1, but forgot my key. Exited from the main dungeon door, went into item bank and put thieve's key into inventory. Went back into the dungeon from the top, went to the lab1 door, opened inventory and thieve's key wasn't there.

Exited from top door, thieve's key not in item bank.

nbd, I can get another one but just weird that it vanished without a message or anything.


It's fine. Once you unlock the door, the Thieves Key disappears and the door remains unlocked.


Yeah that was the problem, the door didn't unlock. I lost the key completely, and the door was still locked.

Not a big deal because I just got another one and was able to unlock it, but just wanted to point out this weird edge case.

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