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Possible Cleowyn's Quest Bug

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Working on doing Cleowyn's Quest solo (so, no party members leaving the map or anything like that). The first time around I get the Robe, Crown and Sceptre and head for the Mausoleum. I turn in the Crown and before I can turn in the Robe or Sceptre I lose a random battle and die. I notice that I did not lose the Robe/Sceptre (as I expected) but I was tired so I logged off. The next day I logged on and went back to the Rune Room and got another Crown (still had Sceptre and Robe in inventory). I then go to the Mausoleum, successfully turn in the Crown and Robe but when I get to the last door it won't take the Sceptre. I see a message that says "There is a niche in the wall which seems designed to hold a sceptre" but I can't get through. I have tried turning in all directions as well as Teleporting out and back in. No dice. I do have a screenshot showing my inventory and the message on the wall if that helps. Of course there is a distinct possibility that I simply forgot something about the mechanics of this quest as I expected to lose all of Cleowyn's items when I died the first time.

BTW - Thanks for all of the work you have put into this. I love the new GUI and I honestly think all of your updates and additions have really improved gameplay immensely.


Quick update - I put the Sceptre I had in my stash and started over. Got all the Rune keys and then the Robe/Crown/Sceptre and completed the quest without any issue at all.

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