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Cannot equip items in Guild Hall "Equipment and Inventory" page

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While in the Guild Hall, at the "Equipment and Inventory" page, my character can no longer place items into any of the equipment slots (weapon, shield, helm, armor, trinket) although he can take items off those slots. I believe this was possible at the very beginnig of this character's life with the starter equipment, but the newer items he has acquired never seem to be able to be equipped here. In order to change equipment, I have to enter the Volcano and then do it while in the dungeon. It's possible I'm missing something though!


EDIT: This problem seems to come and go, and I haven't figured out what the pattern is. Sorry, I'll try to update when I have more information.

Edited Sep 7, 2021


Quick update; just after we had our chat, I died and then the phenomenon started again. I tried quitting and restarting the client but that didn't resolve the issue. I didn't have anything in my cursor at the time of my death, and I didn't notice anything odd that I was doing (I was just trying to battle using the modal keys for shortcuts, A for attack, P for cast, and WASD for movement prior to engaging in battle).

The only interesting situation I was in was I was killed while Incapacitated, so the enemies were just taking turns over and over until I was whittled down.

Edited Sep 7, 2021

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