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This page lists the names of players who are currently playing one of the games hosted by MedievaLands.

Characters Online

No characters are online now.

Other statistics

The MedievaLands server hosts 998 characters, who are carrying 14,617 items. Since March 2019, the players of MedievaLands have logged a total of 25,240 hours (1,051 days, 16 hours).

Statistics in testing

I am testing two new features: percentage uptime and historical player counts.

Since 8:15 AM on July 26, 2020, the server has an uptime of 99.9257%. When I'm done testing this stat, I'll reduce the amount of reported precision to 2 decimals, maybe 3? I am hoping to have 99.5% availability over the course of a year. I doubt this game will ever have perfect availability - I don't have the resources or time for great testing, and a single server with no failover means that the game has to come down for at least 30 seconds every time I want to patch.

Historical player count is the number of accounts that have logged in to the server during past days. Dates are in GMT, so the days switch at approximately 7 PM central.

On 4-8-2020, a total of 5 players logged in.

On 3-8-2020, a total of 7 players logged in.

On 2-8-2020, a total of 9 players logged in.

On 1-8-2020, a total of 13 players logged in.

On 31-7-2020, a total of 10 players logged in.

On 30-7-2020, a total of 11 players logged in.

On 29-7-2020, a total of 8 players logged in.

On 28-7-2020, a total of 9 players logged in.

On 27-7-2020, a total of 10 players logged in.

On 26-7-2020, a total of 10 players logged in.

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