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Account Support

Password resets

To request a password reset, please e-mail with your account name and date of birth. I will e-mail you a new password.

Multiple Accounts

You are allowed to have four accounts per IP Address.

Technical issues

Windows tells me I have a missing .NET Framework installation.

MedievaLands requires .NET 4.6.2. If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and you see a popup about a missing .NET Framework installation, you should download and install the .NET Framework 4.6.2 from Microsoft.

If this link doesn't work, please let me know by emailing me at

The game crashes or audio is "jumble and static" when using USB audio.

One player reported an issue when toggling between their built in audio and USB headphones. Unfortunately, the FNA audio library I use does not support toggling between USB audio and built in audio. You must not toggle between audio output when the game is running.

One player reported that the game would not work when connected to their USB Sound Blaster X3. The game would patch, but would crash immediately after the patch was verified. This corresponded with the first time an audio event would have been sent from the game, to the FNA library, and on to the player's sound card. While we were unable to fix the issue, we were able to come up with a solution that would disable the sound for the player. If you are encountering a similar issue, I recommend you try disabling audio by placing this settings.xml file in your Documents/Games/CommunityKit/Settings folder. The path of the file must be Documents/Games/CommunityKit/Settings/settings.xml.

I can only see a black screen when the game starts.

One player reported a black screen on their machine, which has a very old graphics chip. The player was able to resolve the black screen by toggling into full screen with ALT-ENTER.

Bugs and Feature Requests

How do I report a bug?

The best way to report a bug is to open a GitHub issue. Please add any screen shots, logs, or information as you think appropriate.

You can also report a bug by emailing me at

How do I request a new feature?

The best way to request a new feature is to post a new forum topic on the in-game 'Game Mechanics and Feature Requests' forum.

You can also request a feature by opening a GitHub issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a complete remake of Yserbius and Twinion?

MedievaLands is a modern reimplementation of the original Yserbius and Twinion games on The ImagiNation Network. It does not use any of the original files. However, it does use data, textures, and map scripts which were extracted from the single player versions of these games. All code is 100% written from scratch, except for the map scripts, which were transpiled from x86 assembly to c#.

Many changes to the original game have been added. Some of the map scripts (the parapets, seasons quest, and keyhole lava bridge in particular) were completely rewritten to clarify their functionality for returning players. There are many more social features, and the chat and Tavern functions have been modernized. There is a brand new Bulletin Board and Guild system. The UI has been updated, since we have much more processing power to render more complicated GUIs. I am currently working on a complete replacement of almost all the items from the original games. Stay tuned!

Can I donate money to keep the server up?

No. I do not accept donations - but please send me a note to telling me how much you enjoy playing - this is so appreciated!

Can I import my characters from INN or single player Yserbius?

No. To make sure no cheat characters can be imported, as well as to allow for new features, I do not allow people to import characters from the original game.

Can I run MedievaLands in single player mode? Can I run my own MedievaLands server?

No. MedievaLands is online only, and there is only one MedievaLands server. I hope you will invite all your friends to join us!

Yserbius Help

The Shadow of Yserbius is a dungeon crawler originally released on the ImagiNation Network in 1991. A recreation of this game is hosted on MedievaLands.


Sue Medley's Yserbius Walkthrough

Sue Medley published a thorough walkthrough for Shadow of Yserbius in SynTax in 1995. This walkthrough details every map and nearly every NPC interaction, along with Sue's pithy commentary. It is an essential reference for the Yserbius completionist. Sue is a dedicated player of the game, and I am thankful for her time in compiling this information.

Tiger's Yserbius Item and Quest Walkthrough

Tiger wrote this straightforward guide to collecting every quest item and completing every quest in the deeper reaches of the Volcano. It is the most simple guide to completing the game. Tiger is an outstanding member of the Yserbius diaspora, and his story about a group of adventurers (inspired by friends from Yserbius) was recently published! You can read more about his work at is an online forum for the discussion of Yserbius. The forum hosts discussions of the game and memorials for community members who have passed away since we played the original game. is hosted by Slohand, a champion of the Yserbius diaspora, who has kept the lights on for the community for over a decade.

Help in Game

Many players of MedievaLands also played these games back in the 1990's. If you need help getting oriented in the game or figuring out what your next goal should be, please feel free to ask them in the chat room or bulletin boards in the MedievaLands Tavern.

Twinion Help

The Fates of Twinion is the sequel to Shadows of Yserbius, released on the ImagiNation Network in 1993. A recreation of this game is hosted on MedievaLands.


Fates of Twinion Walkthrough by Ragnar/Nigel

This is Ragnar's update to Nigel's classic Fates of Twinion Walkthrough. With the launch of the INNRevival server, and now the MedievaLands and INNBarn projects, Ragnar was inspired to complete a revised and improved walkthrough. He hopes this will be useful and help spark interest in the Fates of Twinion!

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