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Hello everyone. I just started a bit ago. What spells should I focus on with my Wizard? I want to be useful and its been forever since I played this game. I've seen Shield is a good investment.


a girl is always better traveling in groups. soloing is fine, but it is much slower going to progress particularly beyond level 20 and getting to 30. in general your spell points are best invested in area of effect spells. (for instance hail and later DDs) in terms of defense you need to pay more attention to your speed and magical resistence than melee classes. in terms of group support your buffing and debuffing is helpful because you have the best class mana pool and have more flexibility from the back row-- likewise count on being a bit of a pocket healer

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Magic resistance is important for status effects like Control. However, every other status effect has equipment that provides protection at some point (poison, incapacitate, and petrification being the worst). In terms of damage, there are only two outcomes of an attack spell - half damage or full damage.

The attack spell algorithm rolls a test (probably based on magic resistance) and if you are successful based on the RNG rolled, you take a half damage, otherwise, full damage. This matters a bit in the beginning of the game, but as you ramp up in HP, it is less of an issue as physical damage is much more harmful.

As a Wizard, your HP is going to be lower. Shield is a great investment for the early game, but it dies off as you hit the mid-20s. Get Hail leveled up, and then, get Death Darts leveled up as soon as you get it. Control is also especially useful at level 12, because it hits every monster. Fireball is nice in particular instances. Blast is great for solo monsters.

You are going to NEED Control 12 against some of the big groups of Dragons that are unavoidable. Death Darts 12 is also a must. Hail will stop being useful past level 20.


Thank you both so much for your replies and advice! I appreciate it dearly! Remind me to buy you a pint next time we're in the tavern together, hehe.

I'm fighting minotaurs and lizard warriors, and I've noticed hail starting to fall off. Using Fireball as my main damaging spell right now and it's working all right. I have a lot of spell picks stored up so I'll definitely be able to max Control once I get it.

Again, thank you!


Death Darts and a proper Orc Knight leading you will make you happy. Control in mid-range game is very helpful, but largely worthless in later game due to high mob resistence. Roll with someone who can protect you, always have your basic three resistences in equipment and max, max max your spell augmentation. Nothing protects you like casting 6K plus on all mobs while hiding out of reach behind a magic resistent Orc Knight

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Master always knows best!

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