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Alright - I'm interested in learning all about the unique items. So far, in Yserbius, I have found TWO. In all the hours of play, two. So, I know they're very rare. But, are they locked to locations? Are they just super-rare drops?

Has anyone else even found any?


Just found my next Unique Weapon! Looks really cool - like a blue edged Great Sword.


+160 Physical Damage

+300 Damage to Undead

+2 Strength

-1 Defense

+15 Dexterity

+38 Threat

Edited Aug 30, 2021


My original from Yserbius-

Basilisk Mail

17 Physical Armor

30 Magical Armor

6 Magical Resist

+2 Defense

-1 Agility

-1 Initiative

+19 Mana Regeneration


The second one I found - it's still my primary weapon. It's definitely an exotic martial arts weapon.


+95 Physical Damage

+80 Healing Power

+2 Strength

+20 Dexterity

+19 Mana Regeneration


Hail Miller! This would be a lengthy task. There are north of 50 unique equipment items.

Unique items are created when the server 'picks' from the treasure table. Each level in the dungeon has its own treasure table. The treasure tables are set up so the deeper you go, the better equipment you would find on those treasure tables. You'll find good starter armor and weapons in the mines, and the best gear past the portals into the unknowable beyond in the deepest depths of the dungeons beneath the 'cano. A pick from a higher-level (better equipment) treasure table can occasionally 'fall through' to a lower-level table, so there's a small (small!) chance to find starter equipment in the depths.

If the server picks a standard piece of equipment (weapon, helm, armor, shield, or trinket) from a treasure table, the server checks against a chance that the equipment quality will be upgraded. First it checks if the item is unique quality; failing that, it checks if the item will be magic quality.

Unique drops are not explicitly gated to certain areas. That said, because uniqueness is a quality placed on a standard equipment, you will only ever find unique versions of an equipment where the standard equipment drops.

If this sounds familiar to you, I admit that I was very influenced by a certain diabolical sequel that consumed my summer of 2000.


I may have caught the reference. And that is so neat that there are so many Unique pieces of equipment! I definitely don't expect to find anywhere near all of them... but I also plan on looking for a bit.


Found another unique sword as I was in the deeper areas! Looks as if it is a katana judging from the shape, but it has spikes on the blade.


+160 Physical Damage

+57 Spell Power

+3 Strength

-1 Defense

-1 Agility

+35 Dexterity

+40 Threat

Edited Sep 1, 2021


Thank you for finding out about the unique items! I have been searching for guides and, outside of map and quest guides, there really isn't a lot of info about the gear, the spells and stat progressions of the race/class combos.


Hi Bogarius -

I read your intro - I have friends we've been doing Twitch streams with on the InnBarn, but I enjoy this version more to be honest. (Search "Shadow of Yserbius Supercut" for more info on those sessions.)

The online guides won't contain this information, because these are unique to Medievalands. And rare; very rare. I've found four during my 200 or so hours of playtime.

If you'd like to know more about the stat and spell progression, you can check Zane's YserbiusData Github, where he has made available a lot of that information. You'll need to have some code familiarity, but it's well written and pretty easy to read.

If you ever see me online, message me. I love helping new players.


Absolutely will! I actually have been watching your Yserbius playthroughs somewhat passively so as not to be spoiled and have enjoyed them immensely! There is something just so jolly of a full party of folks engaging in a game like this in the way it was intended! Right now, my character is working on an equipment build made specifically for finding magic items and using pickpocket a lot while the rest of the team manages the enemies in hopes of finding some of the more rare stuff. Definitely loving the game and it is hard for me to keep myself to just one day a week to play hahaha!

P.S. Also, kudos for the Quest for Glory Speedruns. Absolutely my favorite Sierra adventure series which I finally had the gusto to complete the series in sequential order. It was like pulling teeth to get me to play Quest for glory 5, but in the end it ended up being a much better game than I expected story-wise. (That combat though... oof)

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