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Trouble with the endgame

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Hello All,

I beat this game solo before (Lv 64) but cannot seem to get past the start of the Unknown at level 72.

I even have three spell power enhancement, so I don't understand what's happening this time.

I recall there was some change in how the monsters attack some years ago, so maybe that's adding to my trouble.

So i'm certianly interested in advice, or if someone wants to join up for an endgame run, I think that would swing it. You probably wouldn't need to be much above level 30.



I got an assist from Pumpkinsauce and it was breezy.


About a year or two ago, the combat algorithm was redone to be more in line with the original game. That stepped up the difficulty in solo significantly. It is doable, but 32,000 HP is pretty much a must with some serious magic equipment backing you.

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