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I know not how long it has been since I last wandered into a new land; for many years after I had settled into the Academy of Atmos to pursue my arcane training, it had felt like an eternity was spent among countless dusty books and the lulling words of professors and elder teachers rambling on about magical theorim and concept. What I have learned among the Academy has been priceless in my pursuit of better magical understanding, however over the years I had come to realize that continuing my travels periodically would eventually be an even better teacher for me. Thus, I have taken a leave of absense from my studies in Atmos and ventured off across the Arest Ocean into the unknown.

What a thrill that was! Days after I had set sail, I was drawn into a powerful maelstrom that ravaged my boat and soon found myself awash the shores of an island I could not find on any maps I had upon me; the local populace seemed unusually calm about the ordeal, aside from the continuos storms that plagued the island... (Pg. 1)


The locals introduced themselves as citizens of the kingdom of Twinion, which this region I had traveled into as Mt. Yserbius; this explained the ash-ridden volcano that continuously burned at the center of this island, billowing ash, smoke, and from the looks of it, possibly was adding fuel to the storms that ravaged this island. I had asked about the kingdom of Twinion, however most of the locals mentioned that they had not seen head or high-water of their homeland for years since the volcano erupted; they mentioned that it had ravaged any attempts to leave, and those traveling nearby would find themselves stranded upon the island as well. I was, among the island that held Mt. Yserbius, which unless I could find a way to settle the volcano, I would not be able to return home. This is but an opening into a new chapter of my life...learning of Mt. Yserbius, and the secrets it and its people hold. (Pg 2.)


You come from Atmos! Did you ever chance to visit the Athenaeum in your years there?

Well come are you to Twinion. Your suspicions are correct in that the waves will calm enough to pass for those who have discovered the right of passage beneath the volcano. I admit I do not know how this works. Perhaps your study of the arcane will help unlock this mystery.

I myself only recently returned. Some things never change. Yserbius still looms over the island, a landmark that draws the eye and a lighthouse that draws adventures in. I freely admit I was looking forward to reconnecting with old friends after what felt like but a few months abroad. You say you have met the locals and I am sure you will agree when I say we are a good bunch. Those of us who remain.

But there used to be so many more of us. I have explored the town here, looking for clues as to why so many have departed. There is no sign of violence, no sign of struggle or looting. It is as if the place was abandoned all at once. Strange and frightening.


But the tavern is still here. The fire still roars. That table over there still bears a map of the Labyrinth painstakingly carved by the first adventurers into the dungeon and updated by all that came after. The good stuff is exactly where I remember it.

But I will not tarry in this tavern too long. I intend to make a sweep of the town and the dungeons beneath us, and look for clues as to where everyone has gone. There is a feeling of strangeness here, some changedness, some fairy magic, some small wisp of the arcane or astral that is just barely detectable. If we can find a way to study this fold in the veil of the world, perhaps we will find clues there, answers, solutions. Perhaps.

Did your studies ever speak to how you could separate out particular strands from the latent magic that soaks into a place like Twinion?


My studies have mostly kept me in the region of Conjuration and Evocation, however in my studies of Conjuration it has had me reach into the concepts of parallel worlds, and planes of existence that stand between us and other realities. In some methods of arcane study, this form of study actually fuels the method of some spellcasters' powers, as opposed to simple words of power, or tapping a divine or infernal source for energy to fuel spells. Instead of acting as a sort of "shaper" of a form of energy or power, why not simply be its guide? I believe some who dabble in the Elemental Planes for example are referred to as "Elementalists" due to their method of opening up conduits between planes as opposed to imparting their will for something to happen; better to have something else do the heavy work rather than burn your own resources, yes?

I am unsure if that is the sort of magic at work here, but it would certainly explain some of the powerful, and unorthodox beings that make their home here in Yserbius.


Here you've spun educations in instants.

And it seems you have the right of it. There are strange things from far places in the depths of Yserbius. Have always been, and I had never thought to question where they might have come from.

Questions I should have asked.

There they remain, unchanged, while the adventurers in the town above have vanished. What happened to them? Might they have disappeared into one or more of these parallel worlds?

Questions I have still.

I have a better idea of what I'm looking for now. Thank you. I intend to head out and start looking for evidence of these other worlds.

But before I do, I can't help but ask: have you yet decided what you'll be doing, now that you're here, stranded on Yserbius?


Well, in a way the events transpiring here provide me now with more of a reason to apply myself to my studies, so now that I am here I will be spending my time expanding my knowledge of Yserbius, and adding what arcane knowledge I can to my repertoire to better approach and assist in the resolution of this place's disturbances.

If there's one thing I have seen little of so far here, it's scholars seeking to expand upon the secrets and discoveries of the volcano here; to better compile the various tidbits and information here to help the ever-increasing number of adventurers among the island, I believe that would help our chances many-times over.


I see Andrya left and left me a place here. I join you if you do not mind. And if you do not mind I will boast a bit. I am Davres Ever-achieving, and as you see from these insignias and tokens and ranks I bear the prestige of many victories in contests of skill and knowledge on this island.

I boast and I offer help. For my victories, numerous as they are, were all in the past. Nothing is gained when they sit unadded to. I hear you speak of compiling and scholarship. I assist you in this project? None alive know the labrynths of Yserbius as well as I know them. We venture together perhaps.

Perhaps you have questions already?


Greetings to you, Davres Ever-achieving; a prestigious warrior such as yourself is always a welcome sight in a place such as this.

At current, I investigate the early reaches of Mt. Yserbius, namely the late king that ruled from atop it; I have heard of the tales already of Arnakkian Slowfoot, and how another king years later, King Cleowyn, sought to build his wealth and power on the shoulders of Arnakkian's failures. From what adventurers have already told me, this led to the late king's demise, though it still baffles me how and why; perhaps vengeful spirits, or even a curse placed upon the mountain itself so no others would try to take what Arnakkian sought. So far in my attempts to delve into the volcano, a kindly rogue assisted me with seeking to pacify the late king's spirit; I learned that he seeks his possessions returned, so as to finally be sated and be able to pass into the next world; at current I seek to appease him, if not for my own curiosity, then at least to possibly uncover more about him.


It is my hope that you will forgive my absence as well as my dust and travelworn grin. It is not just a grin that this return brings: I carry gifts as well. Or no, perhaps not gifts. It struggle to describe exactly what these are. They defy every ounce of comprehension. Perfect for the person who searches out knowledge.

Please watch carefully. This is the third of three I have found. The other two have... well, just watch.

Three. One I found carried by a skeleton. One carried by a goblin mage. This one I won from phantasm. Two other two disappeared in similar fashion the moment I took them; this one only held together so long as I kept it in a bag.

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