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The Fundamentals of Magicka Arcana - Azameth's Studies

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Prologue: This compilation of research notes, personal thoughts, concocted ideas and flights of whimsy are the continued writings and studies of Azameth Razzakil, Wandering Wizard between the worlds of Anestoril and Twinion.

Personal Notes in Prologue: I've always been fascinated by the unknown and how the manipulation of mana can be woven into almost every element and object one's mind can think or dream up; while used for maniacal things such as Demonic Summoning and Necromancy, it also has wonderful good intentions such as creating food, healing the sick, and defending the innocent. When I first sought to study magic in a formal method, I was at first turned off by the amount of bureaucracy that was involved in most of the places of study; paperwork, tuition fees, a constant battle between those with "potential" and those whom were just showboating it to say they had "another trick up their sleeve." Not I; I for one wanted much more aspirational and lofty goals as compared to the lowly whims of those who just wanted magic for the sake of having it. For me, magic itself is like a whole new language, skill, and philosophy all rolled into one, that if understood allows you to think beyond what is physically possible; it separates us from the simple-minded and gives us an abstract way of thinking, that eventually leads to new ideas, and eventually new advances in magic.

I decided during my time in both residential study and travel study that I would document various findings and observations; both of which would help contribute to whomever reads these pages an avenue for which they too may find an interest in the magical and unknown.

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