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Just wanted to thank the developers who resurected this game. I used to play this a lot on INN back in the day. I am really enjoying it.



I second this! Sierra was THE gaming company back in the day, at least in my book. And these games were so magical for their time, and super fun! The fact that multiplayer was also super solid is even more amazing!

Thank you, Dev!


Zane, just want you to know that you're a legend. Thanks dude!!


Cheers and thank you! Make sure you add your email so I can be in touch with you if I ever add more games to this service.


Such as Cawdor?

Our crew is going to get stuck on InnBarn with Cawdor, and we're terrified. lol The InnBarn is neat, but it is quite... slow, from an engine standpoint, no matter the cycles on DOSBox. And sometimes non-connecty.

At least we have your transpiled code to help with the puzzles.

Edited Jun 5, 2023

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