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Shadow Of Yserbius Reimagined by David Calabrese

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This is at least 5 years old now but I just happened upon this artwork by David Calabrese and I thought others might like to see how he reimagined the main screen for Yserbius.

You an also find his other work at


Thank you Fugazi! That is a beautiful re-imagining.

I wonder if I am the only one who got "stuck" on Yserbius. It was a formative experience for me, even though I cannot have spent more than 100 hours playing it online. Sometimes I think of what a modern Yserbius might look like - I think it would be something like the dungeon crawling of the era, but with modern, low-poly but high-detail graphics, and if I had my way, I'd add in the questing of the gold box games and a pinch of modern mmos.

I'd love to see such a game.


I'm another one who got "stuck" on Yserbius so at least you aren't alone! In fact, I still have the original box and disks that my game came in. Seriously, that box and original 3.5 inch game disks are well over 25 years old. I have daydreamed of making a similar game a million times but I haven't yet figured out how to put that "magic" into a game. Honestly, I think part of it was the small community size. Anytime I logged on there was someone online that I knew and could hang out with. Some of those folks are still my friends IRL today. Who knows, maybe I'll actually start that project one day .. haha. And I really like the direction you were discussing too. With a few exceptions, I feel like many of today's dungeon crawlers were created by people who never had the pleasure of being a part of a community like ours was back in the TSN/INN days.


Every time I have that "I wish we had a (fill in the blank) MMORPG," discussion with someone, I bring up Might and Magic every single time. That would be an absolute dream come true for me lol.


Three cheers for small communities! One of the problems (for there are many) with modern online games is the sheer number of people you might meet there. You aren't likely to keep the same community throughout your time in a single area of game, much less your entire time there. Guilds in these games are a patchwork solution - a social layer on top of the main game mechanics. But while a stable group of friends is a nice thing to have, nothing beats having the same group of a hundred or so people on week in and week out. You'll never have this in a game that supports thousands of players per world, and which encourages you to change your main gathering space on a regular basis, and which has been designed to hammer on that dopamine button by moving you from place to place and quest to quest and ride to ride.

What features would a Might and Magic game (M&MMMORPG?) bring to the table? What other features have we left on the table?

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