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Hi all, I'm having a hard time figuring out how the stats work and what do they do.

- Strength / Dexterity -

I believe those two stats are involved in the amount of damage a character does when it attacks. But, what do those stats actually do?

- Defense / Resistances / Armor -

What's the difference between them? For example: I found armours with both "Magical armor" and "Magical resist", what's the difference?

My guess is "Defense" adds to the chance to dodge everything? And physical/magical reduce the damage of each type?

Trying to figure out how to choose what piece of equipment to keep whenever I find something interesting.


I think only Zayne could answer fully but from my ye olde yserbius memory:

Strength determines if you can hit something. The higher your strength, the higher chance of actually connecting (yes, in the original game it's backwards to the modern interpretation of strength).

Dexterity determines how much damage you do to something.

As far as I know, magical armor reduces the amount of damage taken from offensive spells, and magical resistance increases your odds of resisting magical effects (poison, petrify, etc).

Could likely be wrong, though.

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