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New Player, how to open locked doors?

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Hello everyone.

Me and some friends are new to the game and are confused about how to open locked doors. We are still on the first floor and have found green lockpicks, but found no use for them. Can you open locked doors, if so how? Also what can you do, if anything, with the lockpicks?

Thanks for all of your help!



Okay, locked doors will frustrate you in the beginning of the game in particular. Some classes have access to a skill called (bring up your skills using the K key or the icon) called Picklocks. Eventually, everyone in your party will know this skill, but that probably won't be until later. The thief gets that skill right away, and the ranger gets it pretty early also. At the level 12, Picklocks will get you through most doors that can be picked. It's probably one of, if not the most useful skills in Yserbius and Twinion.

Some doors do require specific keys, though, so you won't be able to pick through some of them. If you take your time to fill out every map, you'll start finding keys. As a hint, I would spend some time filling out the Mines (north from the entrance).

Other doors require certain actions to be taken in the dungeon before they will open.

I hope it helps. If I'm on and you'd like some more help, message me. I enjoy helping new players.


Also, the lock picks that you're finding have different ratings.

Green is the worst lock pick in the game. Blue is the best.

In between those are orange, red, and purple, but I forget the rankings and order. Blue is the best - that's what counts. You can find Blue Lockpicks reasonably early, so for your non-thief-ranger classes it is worth keeping one on them. Once you're at level 14, I know of a place where there is a guaranteed Blue Lockpick drop, which can be helpful.

Edited Jul 25, 2022


This was incredibly helpful, thank you so much! I am playing knight so no lockpick skill, good to know thief and ranger could help

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