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Is there a list of item stats and what they do

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Have a few items that list "threat" some + some -. Whats this do? Im sure there are other stats that could use a bit of info ouside of guessing.


Hey there, to give you an idea of how Threat works:

- An increase in Threat is helpful in parties as it draws enemy attacks to the target with the highest Threat; think of it as a means of provoking enemies to attack a specific target.

- A decrease in Threat works in the opposite way, it detracts enemies from attacking the target. (This is only really helpful in a party; if you're the only target, Threat pretty much isn't helpful.)

- Regi

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I have another one to ask. On the +dmg and +spellpower are these multipliers or just extra damage? is +20dmg mean I would hit for what I roll and add +20 more points of damange or is it calculated another way? Same for spellpower? How would that affect healing? Same method, just add the points?

I ask becasue Im trying to understand what should hold more weight vs a dex or str bonus.


Hey Catch22! +Damage adds to the amount of average damage you will do on a physical attack. +Minimum damage adds to the amount of damage you will always do - it is effectively equivalent to +Damage, but they are calculated differently; +Damage is spikier. +Maximum damage adds to the upper range of the damage calculation. A point of +Max damage is half as good as a point of +Damage as far as the damage algorithm works.

A point of +Damage is equivalent to a point of +Dexterity.

+Spell Power adds *percent* damage to your spells. +10 Spell damage adds +10 percent damage to each spell you cast.


Is Physical Resist a flat reduction to damage taken from each physical attack? Or something else? Seems like a point of Physical Resist is generally not as desirable as a point of Defense, although I do not know precisely how each works.


You have it right! Defense decreases your chance of being hit, while physical resist decreases the damage you take.

Between being hit at all and being hit for less, I know which one I'd take.

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