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Hi everyone. Do the insignias that sometimes spawn do anything, or mean anything? I have a duelist insignia (I am a knight) but I don't know what it is.


I have the same question. Let me know if you find out =)


In the original game the insignias would give strength and dexterity and it was pointless to equip any except for shuriken because that one gave the most stats. In this version I assume the insignia will give you strength and dexterity if and only if you are using the proper weapon for the insignia. I've personally not had one drop so I can't tell you for certain. E.G. Duelist would give strength and dexterity if you are using a sword. Shuriken: If you use a martial arts weapon. Cudgel: Clubs and axes. Bowman: Archery weapon.

Hope this helps some. Let me know if they don't give anything.

Edited Apr 16, 2022


Agree with Kenaryk. As I recall the Duelist insignia was specific to swords and was complemented by your Fencing skill.

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