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Recently dinged level 20 (now 21) and went into the labyrinth, but I'm getting smacked by the gargoyles and the yellow panthers (I can't remember the name now)

Found the pack of 4 minotaurs to be somewhat manageable and rewards decent XP, but the fight takes forever so I don't think is favorable time-wise.

Maybe I need better equipment?

I'm playing a Barbarian.



This is a good grind spot close to the level 20 door, ~10K EXP per win single player.

Labyrinth I

3 Forward -> Turn left -> Two Forward into the Pit

Labyrinth II

Turn right -> One forward -> Turn Left -> 3 Forward -> Turn Left -> One forward

Here you will run into some Cantakerous Dwarf Wizards, Hobgoblins, and Saurions.

Make sure you have level 12 Death Darts and you should be able to take them out in one or two hits. Watch out for the Manticors at your level. Id just run from them for a while.

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