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Dropped in to say hi, thanks so much for bringing this game back to life. I never got to play much of it back in the INN days because of long-distance phone charges - I'm looking forward to finishing all the quests!


Hail Melvin, and welcome!

Take care down there - the dungeon can be a cruel place! Don't forget to sign up for email updates in the account screen - I have been getting the playerbase back together twice a year for the past two years.

Take care and keep in touch!



Just piggy backing off the welcome to also say Thanks for this work.

Got on INN Revival and played a bit there a ways back and well.. This right here wins.

About my third day in from a 30 year hiatus (involuntarily of course lol)

This revamp is better than the origional and I'm loving it.

(I wonder how much of a bill I'd have wracked up for my dad if this were INN)


I think I had the 30 hours for $29.99, couldn't afford the $129.99/month plan, but if you went over, I think it was $2.99/hour :)


Yea, me- three; thanks for bringing the game back.

Back in the TSN days I ran a 400.00 phone bill in a month (that's like 1000.00 in todays money). Got my wife mad at me (we couldn't afford that), and had to make a loan to pay the phone bill off! Everthing was "pay by the minute" back in those days.

Neddless to say, my Yserbius days were over tell I saw this site some 20 plus years later.

Anyway, I've been enjoying/playing the game off and on - Thank you!

Edited Jan 13, 2021


Greetings everyone! I'm new as well and I'm not from the original era as I am someone who loves to dab in retro gaming/computing. Hope to see some online faces soon! this game is really nice and chill. (I have it in background while doing other things)


Hello, I just wanted to join in and say thank you so much for all the hard work to bring this game back to life! I grew up in the mountains so our internet counted as a long distance charge every minute. Some high school friends had Yserbius and I got to play it here and there when I'd visit, but I worried I'd never really get to. I even tried an emulator a few years ago but couldn't get it to work, so I figured that had to be it. Very happy for this wonderful nostalgia, it means a lot! Many thanks!

Edited Jan 23, 2021


Greetings all! LTNS. Look for Kitty, Katrena, Kat, Kitten (ALL are)

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