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So, what are your favorite grinding spots? I found in Elf City (Y1) there were some knights that I beat up for about 13k. I figured to stick it out and grind it out with my mage! Is there any good spots you folks like?


Once you're above level 30, in the Land of the Giants, there is a group of adventurers in the opening room right near the door to the river. That gives about 30K, and with enough Spell Power, they die in one Death Darts.


Different if you are grouping or solo. All the very best spots are with full party. For all factors (time spent, resources available for sustained grind and of course experience) The best pre-30 is Wiz room Arnakkian fight and post 30 is L12 Unknown first fight. Both are doable in a single round and absolutely doable with any mix of party in 2 rounds... enjoy the wonder of Yserbius again! Land of giants fights yield good exp, but are mainly best for higher level casters soloing since you can find high level mobs with low magic resistences


Master makes wise points. this girl can particularly underscore the mobs in LoG for casters


At low level, I use the Red Orc Knights in the Basement at C2. They give about 2000 and die with two shots.

After this, I move to J8 (ish) of Mage's Overlook in Labyrinth 2. This gives 11000 or so and takes two shots of Death Darts.

At M5 in th Land of the Giants is the best one though. It gives 35000 + and with a spell power boost, it takes one round.

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