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After many seasons away from this mysterious land I've returned. From the days of yore and dial-up on AOL I've traveled through time and the mists to return to this place. If you're looking for someone to brave the dungeon with look no further, Araedon at your service.


Yeah this is definitely bringing me back to a great time in my life. The nostalga is nearly overwhelming. Even if you never read this thank you so much for bringing this back to the world and improving on it!


It does bring back many of the memories. The tricks and hacks, how many remember getting the infinite armor on your barbarian by filling all the slots and joining a party and holding the armor over the armor slot on your barbarian and having the party move past the twenty door and forcing it on your character...and the frustration of newbies trying to talk to you while you were holding the armor over the armor slot and them not moving waiting for your reply. I see that the magic weapon don't recharge after you leave the volcanoe so getting the Hollow Nunchucks isn't as important as before, although you could beat the dire wolves, teleport out put the weapon in the vault go back fight them again, teleport out put them in vault again etc... But thank you again for the memories and the time and trouble you have taken.

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