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Transfer items between characters?

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Would it be possible/reasonable to allow transfer of items between your own characters? This is a common feature in games that allow you to create multiple characteres.


Hail Hevanas! This is a good idea. I'm not actively working on this, but I'll file it away for future consideration. Cheers, and good luck down there!


Hey there! A shared bank would certainly be amazing for those that are maybe online more than their friends are, as a way to transfer certain items without using a friend to do it. I would suspect the bank would then no longer be able to hold 'Non Tradeable' items, but this could facilitate an easier way to make a 'bank character' as it were.

Something to satisfy the 'item horder' player in all of us.


I love this idea - I have been using a second account to help transfer my unique finds. BUT, in terms of speedrunning, this should DQ characters, because it would be really easy to build an overpowered start.


This is a fun idea, but I won't be implementing this. It's a server architecture decision - I don't want 'orphaned' items (that is, items that don't belong to a player or a container) floating around the server. Also, the server is very generic on the back end. As a benefit, this allows the server to run multiple games at once in a single process (Yserbius and Twinion!), but it also means that there's no ability to have a game-specific item belong to, for example, a generic player account.

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