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Thieves Key square in Thieves Den causes persistent looting state

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I just entered the square with the Thieve's Key in the Thieves Den and the game client gave me the text about finding 5,000 gold and items. However, no loot interface pops up, but my character portrait in the upper right has the padlock icon indicating I am looting. I cannot move, cast spells such as Teleport, etc.; all give me an error saying my character is not ready (as if I am looting). I was unable to find a way to exit this state short of logging out of the game.



Thank you Svensson; I have been trying to track down this bug. You gave me a repeatable way of invoking it, and I have a fix ready to deploy in this instance.

If you have a free item slot in your inventory, I'll also send you a one-time teleport pass to the tile where you'll be able to find the thieves' key.

Take care, and keep in touch!

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