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'Lo and well met to all whom dwell upon this island so far remote from my home continent of Anestoril; I am Reginald Hangif, servant unto the God of Order and Chivalry, Shaedar. I come in peace as a means of both exploration and comfort, for I bring with me not only my studies in the arts of healing, but also bring with me the teachings and guidance of the Order God. It is through my leadership that the guild known as Anestoril's Finest Heroes has manifested itself, those from the homeland and also those seeking to learn and be a part of it also joining amongst its ranks.

I myself, as I described earlier, am a servant unto the God of Order, Shaedar. It is Shaedar's will that his teachings of equality and an even-handed approach to justice dispensed to all whom would hear him be carried out with impunity. I am more than willing to speak more about the Order God should those seeking to learn more of him ask.

I bring myself here on a mission to expand the reach of Anestoril, not under conquest... (Pg 1.)


...but as a form of exploration and acceptance of other regions that reach across the great Arest Ocean. I have traveled many nights upon a barge that set sail from the port city of Akkord, with supplies to last me weeks; little did I know that in that time I would come to find myself laying port to an entirely new island, with the citizens of an entirely new kingdom not yet even known by my homeland. It is by the will of Shaedar and the steely wit of the crew of my barge that led to this encounter, and hopefully in the weeks ahead as I come to learn more of you all, it will eventually lead to more as we get to know each other.

Feel free to find me among the tavern tables, busily reading through my scriptures and speaking to the locals. I look forward to hearing and seeing all of you among this wondrous island.

(Pg 2.)


This week I see your post on the Guild wall, Reginald Shaedar-servant Anestoril-born Barge-brought. You impress me! A fine set of heroes you assemble in Twinion - more numerous than others recently walking these streets. We toast to your numbers?

Barkeep! A tankard of orcish mead for Reginald Shaedar-servant, on my account!

I introduce myself: Davres Duelist-champion Ever-achieving ELK-defeating, and at your service. Tales tell of my expertise in many areas, but I know Anestoril and its Gods not at all. You bring the latter with you! I welcome a chance to learn these new mysteries.

Yet it is a strange thing for the new and unknown to be found in the Tavern. This community is small and insular as the Island we call home, and has been unchanged for many years. We find a balance. Perhaps it is a delicate one. Do you worry you will upset it with your new mysteries?

It is something to consider...


Oh Mother. Will one new god upset the current status quo? Unlikely, and if it does, then so much the better. We should live to be challenged. If what *is* isn't strong enough to survive contact with the new, then let the old and new clash.

Speak Friar! Give us word of your God. And tell us how you managed to land here. You say your crew was strong and able; they would have to be. We've all noticed that the storms surrounding Twinion have been so much stronger in the past year. Newcomers are a rare commodity. Change even more so.


Greetings Davres and...I didn't quite get your name, m'lady; nevertheless, I thank you both for the warm reception, and hope that in time that the efforts of my fellow adventurers help in regards to continuing to explore and delve into the secrets of this world and Mount Yserbius itself.

As I mentioned earlier, I hail from the continent known as Anestoril, from a thriving known as Windchester, led by the even-handed King Yazdigrid Lionsri II. I bring with myself the word of Shaedar, God of Order and Chivalry. It is Shaedar's will that his teachings be shared to the people across every corners of the world, so that they in turn may use his teachings and knowledge to bring a sense of structure and justice to their lives. I have spoken briefly with some of the local Clerics in this region, whom mention the philosophy of Harmony, which Shaedar sees as a kindred teaching to his own. He seeks to expand that further by explaining Harmony's intricacies such as depicting Compassion and demonstrating Valor in combat.


Oh? Indeed you've done your research Friar. But have the clerics you've spoken to mentioned the other side of the coin? Half are Harmonics: patient, and submissive, and full of belief in the guiding nature of the cosmos. And half believe in the raging and uncontrollable torrent of a universe that must be seized by the scruff of the neck and throttled if one is to survive. A Chaos theory. Some call it Harmony's better half.


And between the two, the edge of the coin. There is the knowledge that we cannot be all submissive or all controlling; that there is a seasonality to this world; that there is Unity in all things.

What would a Friar of Shaedar say to that?

(Outside, the storm gathers. Thunder and rain rattle the window slats.)

I am Cristin, Friar. And if Shaedar controls the skies and seas, I'd ask that you pray for Twinion this evening.


Ah, alas my patron rules over Order and Chivalry, the skies belong to that of Gilnith, Goddess of Air and Knowledge, and the storms belong to Relindis, Goddes of Water and Serenity; be it that such storms rage outside, I would say that Relindis and Gilnith are liking amidst a heated argument at this point. Hopefully their harsh words will cool soon.

It is good to meet you Cristin, and the concept of a place between two halves, between the Harmonic and the Chaotic is indeed a place that would be fascinating to achieve, though difficult to reach or attain. The Shaedarian faith embraces the idea that everything, everywhere, at every time, has a purpose and reason for being. Whether it be through duty, through destiny, or through the beckoning of others such as a king to their subjects, all are connected through the idea of having a purpose. There are some among the Shaedarian faith that not only follow this, but also teach guiding principles for those whom feel they have no purpose to eventually find one.


Those whom follow Shaedar whom initially did not feel they had a path are referred to as Reformed Shaedarians, whereas those whom embody the initial principles and teachings of the God of Order and Chivalry are referred to as the Orthodox Shaedarians. Both are well-respected in Shaedar's eyes.

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