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The Elemental Epiphany - Strange Stones of Yserbius

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A colleague of mine recently came to me with a series of strange glowing stones he mentions he had produced from the volcano of Yserbius; he had mentioned in his time he had seen nothing like these stones, even back on the mainlands of Anestoril. While Anestoril is known for its many metals and precious stones, these seemed to be more unique; each stone seemed to depict and radiate one of the four primary elements of the Magical Disciplines...well, in his case, there were three overall stones; one brown, one green, one red. If the colorations didn't give it away already, they each represent an element, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Each of the stones not only gave off a form of elemental power, they also "felt" like each element they represented, albeit to a gentle degree. Here within these texts, I will be writing about my findings of these stones, and the results of my research in what they seem to do.

A new era in Twinion and Yserbius' future may soon be upon us.


Elemental Fire: Showing itself as a glowing reddish material, almost like a form of rusted iron, the Elemental Fire stone seems to give off a gentle warmth when grasped, and even seems to become somewhat malleable in between one's fingers as they handle it. Grasping the stone too tightly seems to react to my magical attunement a bit too much, as it actually seems to cause the stone to resonate, becoming too hot to hold if I am holding it in my bare hand; I found that handling this stone with an insulated leather glove works best, so as not to inadvertently activate the stone's resonate power.

The stone seems not to react at the moment to the other elemental stones I have been given; I had hoped that in my findings I could see such a combination create something new, or perhaps see some sort of reaction between the stones. Perhaps it's also that I do not have enough of them, and perhaps need more to have a sufficient amount of "power" from the stones for anything unique to happen. Regardless, the Elemental Fire stone seems mostly to react to warmth and how much pressure is applied to it; it should be interesting to test upon it further with other methods.

(Update 3/17/20: I've had a breakthrough, thanks to more stones being brought to me. By combining the stones together as I did with the Elemental Earth stones, they combined into another type of ring; this ring, which glimmers with a fiery brilliance, seems to bestow an inner warmth to the wearer, bolstering their ability to cast spells. Wizards and Clerics alike will be ecstatic with this discovery!)

Edited Mar 17, 2020


Elemental Wind: I first had thought that I was the target of a mild Storm Wind spell when I handled this stone; the power the stone gave off when I attempted to tap it with my staff caused a sudden burst around the tavern that blew my hat off my head, and knocked a few nearby tankards off the table...remind me to pay for those adventurer's drinks next time I see them. The Elemental Wind stone seems to react mostly to violent motion, otherwise it seems to mostly remain in a constant state of containment with what power it houses. I had best keep this stone wrapped tightly when transporting it, as I would not wish for it to suddenly burst out more wind like it did before, especially in a place where it would do more harm than good.

Like the Elemental Fire stone, it seems this one does not react too much with other elemental stones; I still believe that more stones may be needed for anything of these to actually work; I will test this further with the other stones that Reginald provided me, as there seems to be a quartet of them.

(Update 3/17/20: I've made progress in learning how the Elemental Wind stones combine into more powerful resources; it took four units of Elemental Wind to do, but I managed to merge them together using arcane methods, which formed a ring of beautiful emerald; the ring seemed to give off strange echoes, like the voices of those whom had recently departed this world. I had a fellow adventurer go out and attempt to wear the ring whilst exploring the volcano, and his report back told me that as he fought and struck down denizens of the dungeon, their last gasps seemed to draw power out of their bodies into the ring, which in turn restored their magical power. I have taken to calling this the Phantasmal Ring, a nod at claiming the last gasp of the departed for one's own power.)

Edited Mar 17, 2020


Elemental Earth: I'm thankful the friar managed to bring more than one Elemental Earth Stone; it's led to a new discovery in the way these elemental stones seem to actually interact with each other. Before I get to that, allow me to give my initial findings of this stone...

The Elemental Earth Stone seems to have a strange method of being malleable; at one point it's hard and coarse like cobblestone, another it feels grainy, then it begins to feel sandy and runny like sand upon the beach. It's like the stone wants to be every form of mineral, or be none of them. It's a fascinating changing elemental stone.

In regards to how it seems to react to the other stones, it seems to at least react to stones of its own type, as when I actually seemed to combine the stones together with a small amount of arcane magic, the stones actually managed to meld together into something; when the stones finished merging, they had formed into a hard ring, just tight enough to fit around one's finger. According to the runes within the ring's inlay, it seemed to speak of one's ability to be stalwart, and hold themselves up against oncoming offense; "steady as a stone" it seemed to depict. I'll have to speak to the friar about this...


(Entries updated as of 3/17/20)


To all my dear tavern rats and questing companions, I propose a round of drinks for and on behalf of Azameth and his party. It seems Azameth has unravelled so many mysteries - and more importantly, settled them down in writing so we might all benefit from what he and his party has learned.

You might laugh and discount the same, of course. I admit I was unsure whether we should take these new stories seriously. Yet, after my own exploration in the dungeon, I admit freely that I was wrong to not take him seriously. My own furtive knowledge and findings only support everything he has said thus far. I only regret not being thw first to describe these strange new elemental items to oyou.

The volcano has changed. It is so clear, so very clear from what we all have recognized. The world of Twinion and Yserbius through the recently recreated lens - and inhabited since it returned - is so familiar to us that I cannot help but discount anything strange and new. If you disagree - and I cannot help but chuckle if you would - I ask what you would do when confronted with these strange elemental stones.

Because, deep in the dungeon, I admot have seen even stranger, unknowable things, which none have ever before witnessed on this isle.

I say to you that Yserbius and the isle of Twinion is at last awakening from its long slumber...

... and whither we will be brought amidst this dream? None can tell.


As we come across these new and unfamiliar encounters among the volcano and the depths of Twinion, hopefully I will be able to catalog the findings.


Fascinating! Rumours abound of the myriad peculiarities that Twinon, and the flaming maw of Yserbius in particular, hold within, but to think such finding might happen in the face of adversity like this... And that it be shared, no less! Truly, you do your Guild proud. You are correct, Anestorilian artifice does not resemble your Elemental Stones and no research has found it's equal, I'd wager.

If I may, one researcher to another, I have questions for you about the circumstances of the recovery of these stones. Where were they unearthed? Were they enshrined, or loose on an otherwise unremarkable section of cavern? Does it seem they were employed by the old Galabryan dynasty in any way, or one of their myriad "allies"? Have you discovered any clues surrounding why only these three stones have been unearthed so far?

I represent a branch of the Thieves Guild (a misnomer, in this case, I assure you) interested in the study and recovery of ancient artifacts and the ruins around them. Such discoveries are documented and studied so that we might learn what sort of peoples devised these marvels and possibly even learn how we may replicate the lost arts employed in their creation. For credit and compensation, I would beg your assistance - mine own brief forays have barely scratched the surface levels of Yserbius and knowing what to keep my eyes open for would help my studies immensely.


Greetings to a fellow researcher; it is good that I am not taking on this arduous task on my own in documenting the various new findings and happenings among Mt. Yserbius.

As for my findings in regards to these Elemental Stones, the majority of these I have found in two places, however they seem to show up virtually anywhere in the mountain so long as you look hard enough. The Great Corridor and Lava Cellar have been the areas with where I have had the most success finding these stones; I seem to mostly find the ones that are focused primarily on the element of Fire; the Earth and Air Stones seem less common.

Should you find any of these stones, definitely hold onto them as they react to one another, especially if you gather about four of the same element in one grouping; you'll find the effects these stones provide you in what they create can give you a wondrous edge in your survival in the volcano.

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