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Stuck on Voranti's key

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I am level 35 trying to get Voranti's key, however I cannot even come close to defeating the dragons defending it. I spent some time grinding to get to level 35 from 30 but it did not help. Is there something I'm missing? Or do I need to grind more?

Edited Feb 11, 2022


Grind, keep grinding until you think you couldn't grind anymore...then...keep grinding for another ten levels! Joking aside, that is a tough battle, sovreign scroll and a solid group is best!


Dragons in general are a mess. If you are going solo, Mystic is right; you should be able to get by them around level 40-50 with good RNG on Control spells. Getting to 32,000HP is basically required to solo the game.


On that note, with two people, it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier. With three, the fight is pretty much a guarantee with level 25 characters.


Level 43 here and I still can't do it. And there is rarely anyone on to party with.


Sorry I haven't been around more, Quint. Next time we're on, I'll take you down through there if you haven't cleared it yet. That dragon fight (among others) is definitely a problem.

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