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Item malfunction ` Crazy stats boost glitch

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I just found an object called "Cudgel Insignia". It's labeled as a trinket but equipping it doesn't seem to do anything. However, right-clicking on it while the object is still in the inventory applies the desired effect... many times as you like. So if you keep pressing it you can reach extremely high stats in seconds. It also generates a strange visual glitch on the character sheet in which the icon for the passive effect builds up over and over even outside the window. Luckily the effect seems to disappear once you exit the dungeon and you get your normal stats back.


Whoa! That is definitely interesting!


Well this is a WILD find.

Those cudgel insigneas are an item from a long ago version of the game; I had removed them from the vendor in the keep, and the treasure drop tables, but I see now that they are still available as loot from some special encounters.

I am going to leave these few remaining examples in the game, but will strip them of their superpowers.

Thanks for the heads up, Lawrence! Take care, and keep in touch.


I saw the Insignia has been fixed and some interesting runes were engraved on it =P

Thank you for the quick fix and the nice detail. Keep up the good work!!!

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