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Dragons in Card Quest

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There is a large group of dragons right before the fountain almost at the end of the quest. They kill me every time and I am level 65. Is there a trick? I have been able to get Control on a few of them that slows them down but I have not had any success on slowing down the damage I take. Ill take any pointers I can get.


I'm stuck on the same fight! Maybe we can join forces and teach those dragons a lesson.

Bonus: I'm also stuck on one of the fights for the golden boat in case you (or anyone else) are on that part too!


You all are not the first to be stuck there!

I'm happy to help.


Groups of dragons are potentially dangerous at any level. 32,000 HP is basically mandatory if you're attempting to do it solo. Even then, it's often a toss up.


Hey, the famous Miller! Love your speedruns. Yeah we just beat it tonight with a team of 4 over level 30. Still it was super close. Thanks for the advice guys! Tugger, thanks for the help the other night too.


Glad you enjoy them. I didn't see your names on the Hall of Heroes, though, or the speedrun boards. I want to make sure those boards are working right.

I've been thinking of streaming my process for a solo run, but first comes Quest for Glory II while blindfolded. Either way, if you ever see me on, message me.

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