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Hey, now that my character got more proficient at spells, I started feeling the clicky clicky pain of going trough a lot of menues.

I don't pretend to have a hotkey for every spell or item slot, but noticed most of the time I use the same set of 5 or 6 different items/spells/skills.

Would be useful and a great quality of life improvement to be able to assign a numeric key to anything that is activable (spells, skills, bag slots, equiped slots) so one can have at hand their most frequent actions.

It could work like this, hover over a spell/skill/bag slot/equiped slot and press Ctrl+Shift+NUMBER to assign it a number (doing it again would unassign it) (optional: a small number can appear in that element to indicate it's shortcut), then you can use Ctrl+NUMBER (or just NUMBER in case of WASD) to activate the assigned element, it would be like clicking it in the case of a skill/spell or right clicking it in the case of an item, but without the chore of having to click trough menues.

I refer to hotkey bag slots or equiped slots to simplify it, would be great to be able to hotkey a mana potion for example, but I know it would be a lot more complex because what happens when you have more than one? or when that specific mana potion runs out and have others? Hotkeying a slot in the inventory is simpler, we just have to put whatever we want there and it will be used.

Sorry for the lengthy post. And keep it up! This project is great and very well done!


Just discovered the "secret" hotkey (or at least is not in the hotkeys window) for Heal while exploring, it's H and guessing it's Ctrl+H if you use arrows.


Love this idea.


I'd absolutely love to see more control flexibility, custom hotkeys are a great idea.

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