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A few bug fixes and looking forward to hall of heroes / speed run data

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This latest version uses less GPU power overall. You'll also find that when you have set the screen scaling to an integer value (e.g. 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x), the pixels will be super sharp!

I added some protection against client crashes while logging in if you can't establish a shared encryption key during the server login handshake. Not quite sure why this was happening, but I saw it twice last week.

I fixed a bug where the client could appear 'locked' as if a loot window was open, but no loot window appears. Thanks Svensson!

I added better time stamps to the forums in the desktop client. Thanks for the idea Bogarius!

Behind the scenes, I am working on a 'Hall of Records' which will show who has completed the game, and possibly some speed run information. That was not ready for this version, so unfortunately there's just an open place where that button will eventually appear in the Tavern. Watch that space!

Good luck down in the dungeon. Take care and keep in touch!

Edited Sep 27, 2021

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