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A Thriving Business Arrives at the Island

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*A colorful and slightly obnoxious flyer is attached to the community board of the tavern. The lettering is superfluous and flowing in an exaggerated cursive script.*

"Do you seek adventure, excitement and a desire to relax on the crystalline shores of the luxurious island locale of Twinion? Are you in need of a once in a lifetime business opportunity that offers the ease and accessibility to a premium destiantion location, while also opening you up to a world of treasure and allure unlike any other? Then join the Twinion Timeshare Association! For just a modest sum of gold per month, you can reserve your place in a posh palatial estate located right here within the Shadow of the hottest spa and restort, Yserbius! By becoming a member of the Twinion Timeshare Association, you will have all access to the finest amenities! Hot springs, restaurants, comedy clubs and training facilities are just a mere walk from our ultimate housing facilities! Do you want to walk on the wilder side of the island? Then delve deep into the dungeons of Yserbius! Our fine staff are happy to work with you to help you achieve your ultimate vacation experience! Why wait and join today!"

*Below the large text is a barely legible fine print*

"The Twinion Timeshare Association is not responsible for any loss of life of for any member. Contracts are legally binding and all members accept a lifelong servitude to the Association and its parent company, Disposable Adventurers LLC."


Bursting into the tavern is a garishly dressed halfling, garbed in a plum, shimmering cloak. He leaps up onto a table near the fireplace shouting to the rafters. "People of Twinion! It is with great pleasure that I, Bogarius, entrepreneur extraordinaire, am here to be a shining beacon to this," he pauses, staring at the lone, passed out patron at the bar, "eh... fine community. For you see, dear Twinions, your fate is not sealed on this accursed island! Oh no! In fact, it looks the thick black cloud looming overhead is about to clear! For I, Bogarius, entrepreneur extraordinaire am working diligently to bring tourism here to this fair port city."

Bogarius leaps down from the table and gives a hearty slap on the back of the groggy patron still dozing peacefully, undeterred in his slumber. "Even now!" Bogarius continues, " My team of expert adventurers have already set forth into the volcano Yserbius. We have already smote many a monster and recovered treasure abound! As the founder of the Twinion Timeshare Association, I plan on redistributing that wealth to YOU so that we can breathe new life into this dormant hive and make it the premier destination vacation for the entire kingdom!"

Bogarius stares out at the tavern's silent response, gives a disheartened sigh and takes a seat at the bar mumbling, "One ale please Berta."


As Berta struggles to turn the rusty ale taps behind the bar (the "Red Ale" varietal in the Tavern has been of late less an indicator of flavor and style than a warning of heavy metal poisoning), the door at the top of the stairs swings open, and down walks a very short, very imposing woman. She turns a keen eye on this new business venture, and steps briskly up to this halfling who is making a bit of a ruckus.

"Queen Aeowyn encourages (of course) all forms of enterprise amongst her citizens," she says sternly. "But before you may may exhibit, publish, or advertise any enterprise not associated with the six Guilds, you must (of course) complete the necessary review form. Please take this stack of forms and very thin and breakeable number two pencil and complete it at your earliest convenience. Please also take this blood pressure monitor, which per our compliance agreement with the Cleric Guild we are required to give to those completing forms required by the government of our Queen in Absentia. You are welcome (of course) to use the monitor at any time and if you determine that you are in need of assistance, Berta will direct you to wait until a Cleric logs in to help you with your stress levels. Please make sure that you complete both forms 624z87m and 62476m-a. You may (of course) be eligible to use E-Z-Form 62z87m-b if this is a new venture and you are an immigrant."

Edited Sep 20, 2021


Bogarius looks up at the egregious stack of forms and scoffs, his eyes a bit incredulous as he takes a sip of his ale. His voice, clearing away the anxiety, speaks up and says, "I'll get my law-team on it right away to appease your, "Queen," but I will do so with great protest! I am an immigrant to these lands, cast adrift to rot away on this island and it seems, to me, that your, "Queen," has done little to fix the problems plaguing the island! And while I could easily apply for an E-Z-Form 62z87m-b form, I will not! I will happily fill out this red tape in SPITE!"

He finishes his ale and sets it gingerly on the bartop before taking the stack of papers and heading over to a table by the fire. The sound of rustling is intense and aggravating as Bogarious shouts, "I have to claim WHAT?! Nonsense!"


She sits unmoving in the far shadows with her small entourage, watching the halfling through her lashes. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the little whirlwind! He was a busy one, that was for sure. When the woman interupted him, her eyes grew a bit larger under the heavy black lashes. She appeared to be someone in charge, or at least foot-soldier to...the queen? A queen? Her thought slowed as she watched the fellow move to the fire. He was a bit closer by doing so, and she wondered momentatily if she should speak up least he be startled by seeing her. She would not want to be the cause of all those papers flying willy-nilly through the tavern! And it was a heavy load indeed. She did not envy him his task. Her two minions were both fat and happy, and she could feel them napping in their places. Loath to interupt any pleasant dreams she opted to sit still and quite, enjoying the warmth of the fire. Her own eyes were a bit heavy - but undoubtedly this would not be a place to lose your attention! Who knew what else the wind might blow through the door. She could have puzzled on this for a bit, but her focus remained on Bogarius as he works into his task.....

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